At LaBrusciano Roofing & Exteriors, we are experts in stucco services. When done correctly, stucco can be a beautiful and appealing addition to any home. Our stucco remediation specialists have years of experience and are trained in ensuring no moisture makes its way into the underlying structure. If you currently have siding but are considering stucco, there is nothing to fear when you partner with LaBrusciano! We utilize a special process that guarantees your home will stay beautiful and protected for years to come. Whether it be remediation, repair, or installation, our goal is to deliver outstanding work to every customer. 

Stucco Remediation

If a house’s stucco exterior has damage to the surface, simple repairs may suffice. If the damage is deeper, however, remediation may be necessary.

The stucco remediation process involves removing the outer layers of stucco covering a large area to deal with a serious problem beneath the surface that can’t be adequately addressed with repairs. For instance, moisture that penetrates deep within walls is a situation that calls for stucco remediation.

Although stucco remediation is more expensive than repair, the higher price tag can pay off in the long run. Stucco repair only treats issues on the surface. If the source of a problem runs deeper, repairs won’t tackle the issue at its source. That means the same problem will crop up time after time. The cost to make repairs over and over can be much more than the cost for one-time remediation that eliminates the problem for good.

It can be difficult to look at a house’s stucco exterior and know how significant damage is. The team at LaBrusciano Roofing & Exteriors can carefully inspect your home, identify the source of the problem, and figure out if your home needs stucco repair or remediation. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.