Transform the look of your home while ensuring complete protection from outdoor elements with our window and door services. Not only can new windows boost curb appeal, but they also provide several other great benefits including energy efficiency, increased comfort, and improved resale value of your home. At LaBrusciano Roofing & Exteriors, our experts will work with you to help you choose the right windows that will beautifully complement your home. We are an industry leader in window installation and replacement, choosing to use only the best materials available to us. From repairing flawed window features to switching out window styles, we truly are an industry leader in window installation, replacement, and repairs, choosing to use only the best materials available to us. This includes brands such as: 

  • Marvin Windows 
  • Paradigm 
  • Pella


New windows can make your home more energy efficient. Windows with multiple panes of glass and insulating gas between them can reduce heat transfer so you may be able to rely less on your furnace in the winter and less on your air conditioner in the summer.

Damaged windows can make your house unattractive. Replacing the windows can immediately improve your home’s curb appeal. Installing new windows can pay off financially and make your home more comfortable to live in. 


A door that is difficult to open and close can be a safety hazard, as well as a source of air leakage. A door that’s dented, rusted, cracked, or warped can’t do a good job of preventing unwanted airflow or keeping your family safe. Replacing it with a new entry door that fits properly is your best course of action. 

Likewise, if your doors were installed improperly in the first place, you may have some residual leakage and drainage problems to address. It’s important to get the right fit with proper installation to prevent water damage to your siding. Worried about water damage surrounding your doors and windows? Schedule a consultation with our experts to have them evaluated and learn about your options for moving forward.

Replacing your entry doors can help you raise energy efficiency and keep your family safe. Contact LaBrusciano Roofing & Exteriors today to request a quote for new windows or a new entry door!