5 Ways to Prep for Your Siding Replacement

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ways to prep for your siding replacement Replacing the siding is an exciting improvement that can make your house more attractive and energy efficient. Prepping for an upcoming siding replacement? Here are some things to consider asking your contractors about before the big day: 

Should I Remove Furniture From the Yard?

If there is outdoor furniture close to the sides of your house or lawn fixtures or toys, you may consider moving them so contractors have enough space to get to your siding and enough room to replace it. 

Similarly, bushes or trees near your house can make it difficult for contractors to work with large sheets of siding. If there are large bushes and trees up against your current siding, consider asking your contractor if the foliage should be trimmed back for easy access.

Should I Remove Cars from the Driveway

If your house has a driveway, you can ask your contractor whether they’ll need that space for work vehicles, dumpsters or another reason and if it’s necessary to move your car for the day.

Safeguard Art and Other Valuables

The process of replacing your siding will cause the walls to vibrate. That can make framed artwork fall from walls and send other objects falling from shelves. Before contractors get to work, take down anything that might get damaged and store it in a safe place.

Make Plans for Your Kids and Pets

Siding replacement is a noisy process that might disturb naps for young children. You might want to have your kids spend the day out of the house or plan a day trip so the whole family can get out. For pets, it’ll be helpful think about how your dog or cat will react to strangers and noise. For pets that are experienced escape artists, it may be best to sequester them to a single area of the home for the day so they are less likely to get out.

Get an Estimate for New Siding

Looking to get a quote for siding replacement? We can help! Our experts can give you a thorough, accurate and transparent quote so you get exactly what you need. Contact LaBrusciano Roofing & Exteriors at (610) 624-8850 to get a quote for siding replacement.