If you’re thinking about having some or all of the windows in your house replaced, you most likely have questions about the process. Knowing what to expect during window replacement can minimize the stress on you and your family. How to Prepare for Window Replacement After you and the contractor discuss the types and numbers  … Read more

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Having your roof replaced is a significant (and expensive) home improvement project. Here are 5 things to know before your roof replacement so you can make wise decisions. Hire Professionals There are many home improvement projects you can do yourself, but roofing isn’t one of them. Unless you have extensive training and experience and the  … Read more

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If you discover that your roof is leaking, you need to minimize the damage. If you know what to do if your roof is leaking, you will be prepared to act quickly if you find yourself in that situation. Control the Damage If water is pouring from the ceiling, use buckets, pots, pans, or whatever  … Read more

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