Metal Roofing FAQs

If your roof needs to be replaced, you might have assumed that asphalt shingles would be your best option. Asphalt is certainly the most popular roofing material, but there are others that are worth considering. Many homeowners aren’t aware of the numerous benefits of metal roofing. These metal roofing FAQs might convince you that it’s  … Read more

If you’re thinking about replacing the roof on your Pennsylvania home, you might feel overwhelmed by all the options. Roof materials differ in terms of appearance, cost, and lifespan. Here are some things to consider so you can choose the best roof material for your home and budget. Asphalt Shingles Asphalt is the most popular  … Read more

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Replacing the siding is an exciting improvement that can make your house more attractive and energy efficient. Prepping for an upcoming siding replacement? Here are some things to consider asking your contractors about before the big day:  Should I Remove Furniture From the Yard? If there is outdoor furniture close to the sides of your  … Read more

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If you have seen your utility bills go up month after month and you’re paying significantly more than you did last year, you might be struggling to figure out why. An occasional spike in your bills might be due to a period of unusually hot or cold weather, but a continuous rise over time can  … Read more

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The gutters are designed to transport rainwater and melted snow to a location where it won’t damage your house. Although gutters are durable and made to last a long time, they can wear out from exposure to changing weather, or they can get damaged in a storm. It’s not always easy to tell when to  … Read more

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If your roof is damaged or worn out from years of exposure to the elements, your home’s interior can become damaged, and you can find yourself paying higher and higher utility bills. Before you hire a contractor to repair or replace your roof, you should do some research. Here are tips on how to choose  … Read more

Both the roof and siding play important roles in protecting your home from rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures. Roofing and siding materials are durable and made to last a long time, but all parts of your home can eventually wear out. If your roof and siding get worn out at different times, you can  … Read more

All About Shingle Granule Loss

Asphalt shingles are coated with protective granules. If you notice that your shingles are losing their granules, don’t be alarmed. This blog will tell you all about shingle granule loss. Why Shingles Have Granules Asphalt shingles are covered with granules that reflect the sun’s UV rays. That protects the shingles from damage and helps keep  … Read more

A leaky roof can be a nightmare, but it’s often avoidable. A problem can begin in another part of the house, but homeowners might ignore or fail to recognize the signs. These are 5 common reasons for roof leaks. If you notice any of these issues, act quickly to prevent a much bigger problem. Storm  … Read more

Modern roofing materials are designed to be durable and long lasting, but they eventually have to be replaced due to damage, wear and tear, or both. There is no hard and fast answer to the question: How often does a roof need to be replaced? Here are some guidelines that you might find helpful. Lifespan  … Read more