The roof on a commercial building consists of several key components that work together to protect the structure from rain, snow, and wind. If one or more of the components of a commercial roofing system is damaged, it can lead to a leak that can damage both the building and its contents. If you’re concerned  … Read more

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If the roof on your commercial building needs to be repaired or replaced, be sure to hire a qualified contractor. If work is performed incorrectly, it can lead to more problems that may interfere with the ability to run your business. Here are some tips to help you choose a qualified commercial roofing contractor. Do  … Read more

When a roofing contractor comes to your home to conduct an inspection, it will involve a check of both the outside and inside of your home. Some signs of roof damage are easy to spot, but others may not be apparent to the untrained eye, which is why professional roof inspections are so important. When  … Read more

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Having your roof leak can trigger a feeling of panic. Homeowners often fear that a leak means they will have to get their roof replaced. Sometimes that’s necessary, but in many cases, repairs will suffice. The only way to know if you need roof repair vs. replacement is to have your roof inspected by a  … Read more

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Roofing materials are built to be durable and long lasting, but repeated exposure to harsh weather, trees, and animals can take a toll. Check your roof on a regular basis and be on the lookout for any of these signs it’s time to replace your roof. Damaged Shingles Asphalt roofing shingles can lose granules from  … Read more

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Choosing a roofing contractor can seem daunting, as a roof replacement is often a major investment. Homeowners want to be sure they’re not only getting a fair quote, but also a team that’s going to do exceptional work and promptly address any issues that may arise. To find a great crew, we recommend discussing the  … Read more

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