When to Get Your Gutters Replaced

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get your gutters replacedGutters perform a vital role: they carry rainwater and melted snow away from your house. Like other parts of your home, gutters can become damaged and worn out with time. These are some signs that you need to get your gutters replaced.

Gutters Are Damaged

Sometimes gutter damage is obvious. Things like large cracks and gutters that are falling off the house are easy to spot. In other cases, gutter damage is only apparent when it rains. If your gutters have small cracks, you might not realize that they’re leaking unless you stand outside while it’s raining and see water pouring through the bottoms of the gutters instead of heading to the downspouts like it should.

Your House Has Water Damage

When gutters don’t carry water to the downspouts, that water has to go somewhere else. If you take a look at your home’s exterior and you notice peeling paint, rotted wood, foundation damage, or mold, your gutters might be to blame.

Water can cause significant structural damage, and mold is a serious health hazard. If you notice any of those issues, you should get your gutters replaced, have a contractor repair damage to your house, and hire a professional to remove any mold that might be present.  

Your Yard Floods When It Rains

If water doesn’t flow through the downspouts and get carried away from your home, it can instead pool on the ground underneath and around the gutters. That can cause one or more sections of your yard to flood when it rains. Standing water can damage grass and other vegetation. It can also create a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can carry disease.

Get a Quote for Gutter Replacement

Homeowners often don’t pay enough attention to their gutters and don’t realize how important it is to keep them in good condition and working correctly. Damaged gutters are a serious problem. If your gutters can’t do their job, your property can be damaged, and your family’s health can be jeopardized.

If your gutters are damaged, LaBrusciano Roofing & Exteriors can replace them with new ones made of aluminum or copper. We can also install gutter guards so you won’t have to worry about cleaning as often. Contact us today at (610)624-8850 to schedule an appointment to have your gutters inspected and to get an estimate for new gutters.