What You Need to Know about Shingle Granule Loss

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shingle granule lossGranules protect asphalt shingles from damage caused by sunlight and fire. Some granules are embedded in shingles, and some are on the surface. Granules can come loose for a variety of reasons. Shingle granule loss is normal, but it can become problematic under certain circumstances.

Causes of Shingle Granule Loss

Granules can come loose when new shingles are transported from the manufacturer to a customer’s home and installed. After the installation process is complete, some additional granules can come loose and wind up in the gutters.

Over time, shingles will continue to lose granules because of weathering. When this occurs gradually and uniformly, it’s considered a normal part of the shingles’ aging process.

Sometimes shingles lose their granules prematurely. This can happen if the shingles are of poor quality or if there was a flaw in the manufacturing process. It can also be a result of exposure to weather. Some sides of a house are exposed to more severe weather than other sides, which means some shingles can wear out faster than others.

Roofers may install shingles made from more than one batch of asphalt. Even small differences in the composition of the asphalt or the thickness of the shingles can lead to significant differences in granule loss over time. That can cause one or more sections of the roof to wear out faster than other areas.

How to Spot Granule Loss and What to Do About It

If you look at your roof from the ground, you might see areas with a significant quantity of missing granules. You can also look in your downspouts to see if there’s a problem. When shingle granules come loose, they get washed into the gutters and run down through the downspouts.

Shingle granule loss doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof needs to be replaced, but you should have it inspected. Homeowners across Pennsylvania have trusted LaBrusciano Roofing & Exteriors since 2009. A member of our team can conduct a roof inspection, tell you if the entire roof should be replaced or if you can simply replace the shingles in some areas, and give you an estimate for repairs or replacement. Contact us today at (610)624-8850 to schedule an inspection.